LES is a minimal space located in Berlin, Germany, designed by RHO. During daytime hours, it serves as a campus canteen, only to seamlessly transition into a setting for corporate events come evening. Catering to an array of needs for guests and the campus community, the space epitomizes adaptability. A major design strength of LES is its ability to integrate form with function. Drawing cues from the industrial locale, the interior features contemporary materials without losing sight of its utilitarian purpose. One of the standout features is a fully furnished kitchen located underground. The design elements of this functional space discreetly mirror the aesthetics typical of food production settings.

Another critical facet of LES is its versatile layout, made possible by a custom system of movable walls constructed from aluminum profiles and filled with polycarbonate. This system allows for the creation of three independent spaces—a canteen, a bar, and an event venue—offering ample flexibility for different functions. The acoustics of the space have been meticulously engineered in collaboration with Kirsch Audio, with tailor-made measures ensuring premium sound quality for a range of events. The bar counter, constructed with layers of rubber, serves a dual purpose. Its elevated section functions as a drink-serving area, while the lower segment can be employed as a tasting zone for food items.

This modularity is mirrored in a separate food counter, which does double duty as a tray slide during daytime canteen operations and morphs into a cocktail and food bar in the evening. Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of LES. In collaboration with lighting designer Jannick Naumann, RHO has thoughtfully embedded lighting features into the venue’s architectural elements. The ceiling is defined by a continuous line of GRP grating, which works to unify the space. Meanwhile, the dynamic lighting system, cleverly integrated into the movable walls, provides adaptable atmospherics ideal for performers and DJs.