TAN is a minimalist salon located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by oftn studio. TAN is nestled in the charming Yeonnam-dong neighborhood of Seoul, and boasts two floors of stylish space, each measuring 100sqm. Despite its compact size, each floor exudes the cozy, intimate vibe of a studio, thanks to a careful design strategy. The traditional salon-style counter has been replaced with streamlined, all-in-one closet furniture to give the space a more modern, less commercial feel. Both floors feature a dispensing area and shampoo room, and the layout has been meticulously planned to ensure maximum efficiency for the stylists. Despite its small size, each floor offers a unique look and feel, with subtle changes in furniture arrangements and materials adding to the charm. The striking metal staircase at the entrance is a standout design feature, with a stark contrast to the achromatic decor and a terraced shape that makes it a focal point of the space.

Photo by Choi Yongjoon