Vonzrr is a minimal cafe located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Studio Sherpa. Vonzrr concentrates on the core elements of a café, prioritizing spaces for drinking, relaxation, socializing and work. The design incorporates the existing red bricks, preserving the building’s original beauty. An arrangement that allows for natural light enhances the atmosphere, while veneer materials for most of the finishing were chosen for their simplicity and emphasis on essentials over appearances. The staircase connecting the first and second floors serves as a connector between different ambiances and showcases the beauty of the building’s design. Vonzrr provides a comfortable environment for visitors by reducing artificial elements, downplaying the individuality of the space, and offering various seating options. The design was inspired by the idea of inviting guests into someone’s home for a relaxing break. This approach allows Vonzrr to focus on the fundamental enjoyment of coffee, conversation and a peaceful workspace.

Photography by IN AND OUT