Tenant House is a minimal residence located in Sintra, Portugal, designed by ARQUITECTURA-G. In a bid to transform the Quinta da Ponte complex, the first building to undergo a significant renovation was one that formed a part of a row of buildings situated along the perimeter wall of the estate. The building’s sunken ground floor spaces, which were excavated in the terrain, were previously small shops that only opened onto the main facade. However, the upper floor, which was a single-floor apartment that could not be accessed from below, remained cut off from the estate. The project’s objective was to preserve the rows’ uniformity while also inverting the building’s original function concerning its interior space and relation with the exterior. Despite this, the project did not alter the building’s volume. The main facade, which previously looked onto a narrow street with an even narrower pavement and heavy traffic, has now been reformulated to face the estate.

This new layout aims to open up the building both visually and functionally onto the estate. The upper floor now features four large window bays, two of which reach down to the ground floor, forming two patios. With the bedrooms and wet rooms moved downstairs, the main upper floor is now entirely freed up to serve as a large shared space with a connection to the estate. At the heart of this newly designed space is a staircase crowned by the kitchen that articulates the space. This renovation breathes new life into the building, allowing it to form an integral part of the Quinta da Ponte complex. The redesign seamlessly blends form and function, providing a space that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also serves the needs of its occupants.

Photography by Maxime Delvaux