The Aurora is a minimal space located in Hong Kong, designed by Sang Interior Design. Hong Kong is a very special urbanization city. A densely-populated city is indeed a concrete jungle. Quality of life in Hong Kong worsening with the Housing crisis with fewer and smaller flat. Interior design is a critical role to balance the limitation and the quality of life. House in Hong Kong- The Aurora, designed by Sang Interior Design Limited. For this project, Sang Lai, interior designer makes the best of the space planning to improve the living quality and design aesthetics. To keep the privacy of each family members, more city view with natural light and a hidden storage space. Design the entrance of children’s bedroom with sliding door next to the living room. Separate the entrance of master bedroom and children’s bedroom to keep the privacy from each other. The window of living room and children’s room is connected. There have a better view with the wide windows. Break the traditional design of Hong Kong buildings to prevent wasted of corridor space. The original bedroom selected as children’s room with the loft bed to create a storage space underneath that replace the original bedroom door. Design a hidden storage space between the master bedroom and original corridor, more neatly and functional.