Miau is a minimal chair designed by Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi for Koyori. The KOYORI brand is being built together with some of Japan’s leading furniture and interior décor manufacturers and the brand identity was formed under the watchful eye of the iconic British product and furniture designer, Jasper Morrison, in the role of Brand Directing Advisor also co-designed by Sebastian Fehr. KOYORI stands for ‘twisted paper cords’ and is the primary material of Mizuhiki, the durable and decorative paper strings traditionally used in Japan for wrapping gifts, especially on festive and ceremonial occasions. Crafted using outstanding Japanese manufacturing technology, all KOYORI products are made to be cherished for generations and to bestow happiness on their owners. The armrests and the backrest are made of a single bentwood, creating a uniform and beautiful, as well as more durable structure than if it had been constructed from separate pieces connected together. The seat and backrest are curved three-dimensionally to snuggle up to your body ensuring maximum sitting comfort.

Photography by Hiroshi Iwasaki