Aug 30, 2021 / Architecture
The Double Brick House by ARHITEKTURA

The Double Brick House is a minimal residence located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, designed by ARHITEKTURA. A narrow site has become home to this home, a pair of matching family residences. To work with these difficult proportions, the homes have been arranged with one in front of the other. One has its entrance on the front, while the other one is tucked around the side. Visually, the building is conceived as a monolith, a materially uniform cube, which is sculpturally modified according to the sculptural principle of subtraction. The facade cladding made of dark brown bricks gives the house its desired uniformity of materiality and corporeality. The Double Brick House is located in a neighborhood that was historically very prestigious, but as a result of overdevelopment from the 1930s onwards, the quality of housing in the area has suffered significantly.

Photography by Miran Kambic