The Inlet Residence is a minimal house located in East Moriches, New York, designed by Sivak+Partners. This residence is located in East Moriches at a quiet location near Seatuck cove on Long Island. The house was bought for rent, so the main goal of this project was to create a modern and chic design in a concise time. The main difficulty was solving many technical problems on the go, which required us to have an unprecedented level of skill and ability to improvise and make the right decisions quickly. House was built in the early 80es, so we had to provide capital renovation and reanimate this old space into modern. The total area of the house is 6000 sq. ft. excluding the basement. During the project, there were many rights and wrongs but the result exceeded all expectations and in the end, we saw a beautiful, cozy and chic interior, conducive to rest. In the backyard, you have access to the small dock where you can go canoeing or moor a small boat.

Photography by Maksym Iuriichuk