Reflections of a Room is a minimal exhibition located in Chicago, Illinois, designed by Abigail Chang for Volume Gallery. Abigail Chang’s first solo exhibition with the gall ery features reflective surfaces that use familiar proportions from both domestic and public spaces. The objects read as windows viewed at nig ht and invite an acute awareness of one’s surroundings. Chang presents eight objects of varying shape and scale that borrow from everyday mirrors — cosmetic, full – length, rear – view, safety. Acting as framing devices, they call attention to the relationship of a body in space — encircling the face or reflecting the entire self.

Perception itself is the subject of the work, with the viewer in direct dialog. The objects reference the transition of a window from day to night. In daylight, the reflectivity of a glass pane leaves a glimmering trace in the surrounding environment, while at dusk, the dimming exterior glow contrasts with interior illumination. From within a building at night, the window acts as a blurry mirror and prompts an inhabitant’s sense of exposure. The work examines reflection as a contemporary condition of viewing, reminding us to notice the ubiquitous reflective surfaces in our daily live s — the ongoing dance of transparency and bouncing light in our built environment.