Jan 14, 2021 / Interiors
Thisispaper Berlin Atelier by Thisispaper Studio

Thisispaper Berlin Atelier is a minimal space located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Thisispaper Studio. A first – floor apartment in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Berlin, well – known for its rich history and undeniable beauty, is the location chosen for the new atelier of Thisispaper Studio and the home of the studio’s owners. The most important intention behind the project was to keep the design simple and honest. The studio focused only on polishing the interior, not on changing it.

Therefore, all the decorative elements on the ceiling and the original flooring were preserved and only renovated. This resulted in creating the perfect gallery space, as a white background which could be filled with carefully selected objects. The most crucial process – furnishing – was probably the greatest challenge. Thisispaper Studio carried it out in cooperation with carefully selected brands that they admire and which hold a special place in the universe of our inspirations and aesthetics.

The main space is divided into two rooms, the first one introducing a lounge atmosphere with a modular sofa, which offers a space for more relaxed meetings. The other room is utilized for more creative debates that take place at a massive, wooden table which plays the main role in the space – encouraging discussions and team work.