Jan 13, 2021 / Interiors
Moxy Headquarters by Pablo Pita

Moxy Headquarters is a minimal space located in Porto, Portugal, designed by Pablo Pita. The project is the office for a software studio, converted from a former industrial warehouse. The first impression of the space was strong and related to three elements. A wide, incredibly light, and delicate old steel roof. A long and dark entrance corridor. And a torn-down wall creating an informal opening to a patio. All three were maintained and enhanced. The entrance path is punctuated by dark steel porticos. The narrow and dark succession of spaces leads to a wide, well-lit open area. The contrast emphasizes its spatial qualities.

The rawness of the materials stresses its industrial identity. A palette mixing polished concrete, stripped-back walls, galvanized steel, wood, polycarbonate, and black metal frames. A dark steel framed mezzanine is embedded in the existing roof structure. A high meeting area overlooks the entire lower floor characterized by communal spaces. These accommodate an open workstation area and flexible gathering places with multiple uses – from working to eating. Always characterizing the space, the torn-down wall remains.

Photography by Jose Campos