To Gather is a minimal space located in Singapore designed by Metre Architects. This peripheral bench allows for ample seating while creating storage spaces beneath. Encircling the space, this arc physically connects everyone at the gathering and yet allows one to hang about their respective corners. The formal articulation of this curve is inspired by the clerical script in Chinese calligraphy, where a typical stroke starts heavy and ends lightly.

The front of the curve is shaped like the bow of a boat, its sculpturesque form emphasized by its deep shadow. The curve concludes in an upward sweep, gaining three- dimensionality, while delineating the interface between public and private. The dining table is custom-made with the owner’s favorite terrazzo top, and is like the ship that docks at different places along this concave bay, with a spontaneity that makes each gathering unique and unrepeatable, akin to the Japanese concept of ‘ichi-go ichi-e’.

Defying the default sofa+coffee-table for living and table+chairs for dining, the design uncovers a singular expression for this conversational space. A proposal that departs from existing templates of domesticity requires the owner’s leap of faith in order to be realized. Hence we are truly grateful to the owner for placing trust on the design, and hope that the space has been suitably shaped to play good hospitality to all her gatherings for years to come.

Photography by Studio Periphery