TOMORE zero is a minimal space located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. Tomore plans to add a share house to the coworking area in its first official space (dubbed “1”). In planning TOMORE’s 0 space, we needed to account for the living space that would be added to future spaces, so 2 separate areas were necessary. The functional area for the focused work area has desks, a conference room, and 2 private rooms. The living area facilitates working in a way that feels like relaxing at home. Just inside the entrance lies the focused working area. Private workrooms and a conference room provide accents to the facade. The layout utilizes space in the entryway that is narrow due to an alley required by zoning laws. It also functions to draw the eye further into the space and build interest/excitement as users head toward the living area. In the living area, workers take their shoes off on a brick platform that recalls traditional Japanese living – “kustunugi ishi,” a stone platform for removing shoes. This sets the stage for relaxing in the carpeted area. Next to the shoe removal area is a desk where the communication organizer will sit, facilitating easy communication with incoming guests. It is purposefully rendered in yellow, the key color for the entire space. A custom-made modular sofa that can be used from any angle connects the separate booths of the living area. Arranged in the basic shape, sofa pieces are the perfect distance apart for 1 person to sit on or 2 people to sit face-to-face. Pieced together, the sofa can accommodate events and a variety of other possibilities.

Photography by Takumi Ota

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