Sep 06, 2021 / Interiors
VD Apartment by Francesc Rifé Studio

VD Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. In design, the use of dark color is best explained through light. The large windows surrounding this apartment in Madrid’s center led the studio to balance its luminosity with the warmth of stained oak wood in an almost black tone. Its layout order starts from an open kitchen and the rest of the house is unobstructed or intermittently connected through lattice and sliding systems that conceal or reveal the different environments. Conventional corridors are thus avoided, making all rooms livable and not transitional. Precisely, one of these large enclosures plays with showing either a large shelf or the gym that is installed at the heart of the project. The additional use of lattices at this point, along with the sandblasted optical glass, allows this space to connect, through lights and shadows , with the living room.

Following the same chromatic language, the night area accommodates a room with a large dressing room as a preface. The suite has important compositional gestures. Such as the headboard that works as a desk or the dressing table that is integrated between the cabinets. The interior of the bathroom has been covered in light gray tiles to continue with the idea of facing light and dark. The spaces are activated by the presence of unique pieces of furniture such as the Taccia lamp by Flos, designed by the Castiglioni brothers, the iconic Cassina armchairs: Utrecht, Capital Complex, or the Indochine chair by Charlotte Perriand. The strong graphic expression of this furniture, together with its textures and finishes, cast a certain enthusiasm for the much – desired sobriety.

Photography by Javier Márquez

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