Sep 06, 2021 / Interiors
REFLECT by Jean Nouvel

REFLECT is a minimal kitchen design created by Paris-based designer Jean Nouvel for Reform. In the kitchen design, the globally acclaimed architect applies his characteristic ability for telling stories and evoking imagery through design. Made from sturdy steel imbued with vertical ridges, the monochrome kitchen fronts are available in black and metal with a high gloss, reflective surface, adding Jean Nouvel’s signature experimentation with light and atmosphere to the kitchen’s surroundings. The countertops come in stainless steel and gray and black Fenix laminate that complement and accent the charming reflectivity, created by the kitchen design’s radiant aesthetic. The kitchen sees one of the most important architects of the modern era bridging the scale from architecture to kitchen design while channeling his prize-winning creativity into a kitchen designed to be functional, durable and iconic.