Sep 28, 2022 / Architecture
Villa Strömma by AndrénFogelström

Villa Strömma is a minimal residence located in Strömma, Sweden, designed by AndrénFogelström. On a cliff in the archipelago, overlooking the water, the villa juts out among the treetops. The residence is entered from the higher level, a dramatic entrance via a span that spans a mountain crevasse. The place is characterized by mature trees that have been saved inside the house knot. A configuration of three house bodies gathers around a Japanese garden with raked gravel and rock outcroppings. The rooms are organized so that a long one houses private bedrooms while the kitchen and living room open up to both the view and the inner courtyard. The buildings are clad in standing black wooden paneling with black tin roofs. The main entrance consists of a connecting part that is completely clad in copper. Large wooden window sections characterize the architecture, as well as the slender steel columns that carry the cantilevered parts and the generous balcony out to the water.

Photography by Nadja Endler