Piano House is a minimal residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by DF_DC. A 1970s terraced house is structurally transformed and materially reinvented to accommodate its new owners. By removing obsolete layers, accumulated over the decades, the structure is reclaimed and remodelled towards a brighter, simpler form. The new plan at ground floor is a series of long front-to-back elements (joinery, dining table, kitchen, light fitting), forming a staggered sequence of smaller recesses for particular objects and larger areas for congregation leading into the rear garden. Conventional room denomination is avoided in favor of a continuous, porous space. The built-in joinery, in oiled ash, is a constant presence against which the rest of the material palette is read across the three levels, linked by the carved timber staircase and the zenithal light permeating through it. As the culmination of the long, meandering space of the ground floor, the hard landscape gradually dissipates into an informal garden planted around the edges.

Photography by Ståle Eriksen

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