Washington Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Shanghai, China, designed by Studio Glume. This particular renovation is located in an apartment building that was built in 1928. In the 1930s, the completion of this complex brought fame to Shanghai as being Hengshan Road’s first tall building. During a period of over 90 years, the apartment itself has been subjected to several interior refurbishments. In order to obtain a living experience more in line with contemporary lifestyles, the interior of the apartment has been reimagined to provide a wider layout that exudes a spacious environment. Careful material selection, paired with a non-bias matching of colors and a complete makeover with modern facilities, has rejuvenated this old apartment and fortified it with new life. Most of walls in the apartment are adorned with either various textures in white or full slabs of smoked oak. The corridor becomes the connecting passage between the several rooms.

The depth of the space is increased by the illusion that the mirror behind the porch provides. The use of a sliding door system enhances the relationship between each room. A fine layer of texture is added to all of these impressions by application of Salvator stone to the apartment. The apartment has been furnished with a selection of customized furniture and specific artworks by modernist masters, that complement each other with an overwhelming but suitable sense of impact. The view from the window overlooks the street scenes below. The skyline, contrasted by green trees can be witnessed clearly, as well as various western style houses and high-rise buildings in the distance. The atmosphere that the apartment holds is a calculated balance between senses of weightlessness and steadiness. The fact that this modern residence is hidden within a labyrinth of old blocks and historical buildings exudes a unique and elegant attitude to living.