Column is a minimal pendant created by Vancouver-based designer Lukas Peet for ANDlight. The Column embodies order, symmetry, and grandeur, much like the classical Grecian Doric columns in architecture. Its faceted surface mimics the fluting of ancient buildings and temples to produce a rhythmic diffusion of light. The Column can be arranged in segments of machine-blown glass cylinders to either lengthen a space vertically or broaden it horizontally. The Column balances ancient and modern design elements by showcasing inner workings with translucency or concealing them with opacity in either textured or smooth finishes. It is available in a clear carbon color or a powdered ivory finish resembling stone. The Column is designed to be a modular fixture that can expand vertically or horizontally, emitting a linear beam of light. Its scalable design allows for one to six segments to be arranged vertically from floor to ceiling, or three to twelve horizontally. The adaptable nature of the Column enhances its commanding presence in any room and emphasizes its solid structure.