Aug 14, 2020 / Lighting
Infra-Structure Episode 2 by Vincent Van Duysen

Infra-Structure Episode 2 is a minimalist lighting system designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos. Combining geometric rigor with technical ingenuity and efficient beauty, Infra-Structure Episode 2 presents an update to Vincent Van Duysen’s 2016 debut lighting collection with Flos, Infra-Structure. In creating this sculptural modular architectural lighting system— which now allows for playful, twisted compositions at varying heights, resulting in a 3-D grid—VVDA took inspiration from the visual clarity of the Bauhaus.

Shaped by an industrial aesthetic, Infra-Structure Episode 2 is designed around an endlessly configurable, ceiling-mounted framework of tubular steel rods that are combined with a range of light fixture options. The different lighting elements are joined on the vertical profiles of this simple anchoring system, allowing a total mobility of 360º. Light tubes are built with an efficient opal diffuser to produce atmospheric, ambient light; pendant lighting elements provide more focused or decorative accents.

Thanks to its exclusive design, innovative technology, and modularity, Infra-Structure Episode 2 offers a unique lighting solution for any architectural project and any kind of space, allowing to create different multi-directional geometries at infinite levels and heights. Expressing utility through form, this lighting system is a striking display of industrial performance and modular design, and an exercise in elegant restraint.

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