Óseo is a minimal lighting piece created by Mexico City-based designer Federico Stefanovich. The raw and simplistic character of this lighting piece in addition to its apparent state of balance, seeks to relate with the user through their sensibility and emotions. This kinetic and changing system relates to its surroundings in a subtle manner and transcends the inert expression of other sculptural objects. Regardless of being understood as an artistic proposal, Óseo originates from a fully functional approach. In order to accomplish the balance of the composition, multiple parameters such as volume, mass and density, as well as the distance between the elements, are calculated and projected simultaneously from the shaping of every piece of the system. All the wooden pieces are handcrafted with traditional woodworking techniques. This manufacturing process results in slight shape variations in every piece making each composition unique. This piece is produced in solid walnut or inked oak wood, powder coated steel, and paper.

Photography by Mariana Achach and Alejandro Ramírez