Sep 15, 2018 / Products
A-Series Clock by Instrmnt

A-Series Clock is a minimalist clock designed by Glasgow-based studio Instrmnt. Instrmnt released their A-Series range of minimal quartz clocks, available in either anodized silver or rose gold and manufactured in the UK. As is customary with the studio’s purposeful design process, function runs through the A-Series’ core, with a removable stainless steel stand allowing for the clock to be positioned on a side table or desk, along with a rear bracket for wall hanging. Each clock is spun-formed by hand from a disk of raw aluminum and features Instrmnt’s ’00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular. Aside from a specialist German-made movement, the complete manufacturing process takes place in select factories in Scotland and England, with assembly occurring at a new purpose-built workshop at Instrmnt’s Glasgow base – a gentle nod to the city’s industrial past. Known primarily for their range of industrial wristwatches made with Swiss and German components, the A-Series clock marks Instrmnt’s first fully commercial departure from that industry, after hints of producing a wider product range via the limited release of a sleek city bike last year and a ‘one-of-one’ mid-century inspired daybed the year prior. Pete Sunderland, Director of Product, notes, “We have slowly been positioning ourselves to produce a more comprehensive product range and I think the A-Series clock is transitional in a lot of ways, whether that be looking beyond watches, turning towards more local manufacturing, or opening up new avenues for collaboration. It will be followed by another release in an additional category this Christmas, which will round off the year nicely, and is perhaps a statement of intent as to the direction in which we are heading.”

Photography by ZAC + ZAC