Doppia is a series of vessels created by London-based designer Tom Robinson. Doppia is a multi-use container that can be 3D printed from recycled bioplastic and is well suited for use as a vase or a carafe. Observations that vases, jugs, and carafes are frequently employed for the same function of containing or pouring gave rise to the idea for a universal vessel; Doppia investigates how a single design may accomplish these routine chores without sacrificing quality. Doppia’s large dual-spout, which helps the container rest pleasantly in the palm when carried or poured and allows both small and large flower bunches to splay equally over a compact footprint, is one of its important design elements. The twin spout combined with a sizable conical base results in an intuitive form with maximum usefulness that is meant to fit into and enhance the many living spaces we now occupy.

Photography by Andrew Goss + Pim van Baalen