Loop Fountain is a tabletop water feature, designed by Lily Clark. The Los Angeles-based artist and designer worked on developing the fountain while staying at the June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The self-circulating fountain takes inspiration from the natural environment surrounding the lake, including rocks, water, and greenery. The piece is constructed with locally sourced materials such as obsidian, a volcanic glass gemstone known for its protective qualities, and rhyolitic ash granules, a soft rock historically used in construction. Inside the upper opening of the water feature, there is a concealed flower frog that allows for the addition of natural elements, such as floral or branch arrangements.  

Clark finds inspiration in the combination of geology, infrastructure, architecture, and water, and seeks out landscapes that bring these elements together, such as dams, which are specifically designed structures created to regulate and store water. Due to her interest in geology and her search for materials with natural aging qualities when in contact with water over time, the designer selects stone as her primary material of use. The water features are inspired by her fascination with light, sound and the movement of water. By closely observing and continuous experimentation, she attempts to bring these elements to life and create a peaceful moment in the home. I recommend visiting her website to listen to a sample recording of the soothing water sounds created by the fountain.