Paper Clay Air Humidifier is a minimalist humidifier created by Paris-based designer Maxime Louis-Courcier. The paper clay air-humidifier is an earthenware object designed for the home environment. To work, it simply uses capillarity and evaporation. Earthenware-clay is a natural material with ancestral applications related to the regulation of temperature and humidity. To work, it simply uses the physics principle of capillarity. With the help of a ceramist and a fluid mechanics engineer, I went back and forth between clay experiments and theoretical physics principles to develop for the object a paper composite porous earthenware-clay. The wavy surface of the humidifier is made of this material. It gradually absorbs the water contained in the base, which evaporates through its pores and moisten the room. Its wavy shape optimizes its surface in contact with the air for little space. Its design is a durable solution, compared to a classic electric air humidifier. It’s sized here to humidify large rooms without electricity. In a living room, its design gives him a decorative status.