May 06, 2021 / Products
Sílice by Peca

Sílice is a minimal glass blown collection designed by Mexico-based studio Peca. Born from Caterina Moretti’s contemplations, these three cylindrical shapes of different heights that part from a mold comprised of a repetition of wooden rods is a truly symbolic warp, weaving the threads of art and design together, as well as the genesis of the collection they have called Sílice. By studying the external texture of the wooden rods, curiosity to further delve into what might become of the interior space if they used them as molds for the blown glass technique, or if they experimented with non-preconceived forms, and if they created a parametric design in an analog fashion and experienced the performance under the premise of: mold + free blown glass. Artists José Miguel Gómez and Diego Vides Borell were invited by Caterina to fuse their emotions, their thoughts and creativity into Sílice. To broaden the concept, breathing in and out the design of these stunning containers. They selected six out of a myriad possibilities.