Feb 12, 2022 / Travel
RTW by unseenbird

RTW is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by unseenbird. RTW is a small wine shop and restaurant located in a quiet residential area. Since it does not receive many customers, you can enjoy food and wine in a quiet. The kitchen is open, so you can casually chat with the chef about the menu and wine. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere, the olive color floor was finished, and the shape of the legs (round, triangle, square) and finishing materials (wood, special paint, metal) were combined within the large design of the table. The legs are engraved so that the wine bottle can be safely placed while dining. It has a lid, so you can use the table without any inconvenience even if you are not serving wine. The toilet door faces the store, so the wine storage cabinet is positioned in a way that separates the flow at the same time as a screen. It is finished in stainless steel along with the counter to give strength to the space. Outside, water bowls and lead hooks are provided for pet, so that customers with pets and internal customers are considered.

Photography by YongJoon Choi