Feb 13, 2022 / Travel
Osteria Giulia by Guido Costantino Projects

Osteria Giulia is a minimal space located in Toronto, Canada, designed by Guido Costantino Projects. Located in Toronto’s central Yorkville neighbourhood, Osteria Giulia is a sensual subdued space of honeyed tones, natural materials, essential forms and quiet visuals. Chef Rob Rossi’s culinary approach is paired with a quiet aesthetic, unifying kitchen and space through a common belief in simplicity and unfussy elegance. Monastic in feel, the room is formed by curved limestone walls and a folded ceiling which creates intimate dining coves. Wool paneled walls provide a soft textual and acoustic quality. There is a proportional balance of hard and soft, poetic and pragmatic. The functionalities of restaurant service are addressed through delicate unobtrusive insertions. A baptismal water-serving fountain anchors the sculptural space. Custom brass carts sleeve into fin walls. Wine bottle ledges are carefully pinned to floor and wall. The overall feeling is of sophisticated serenity and (perceived) effortless elegance.

Photography by Doublespace Photography Inc.