Nino Alvarez is a minimal showroom located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. The new design language created for the NINO ALVAREZ menswear stores arrives in MADRID with a more futuristic and industrial tone. Although the illusions generated by stainless steel speak of change and experimentation, the classic character of Marquina marble reminds us of the roots and the sophisticated style that has always defined the brand. On the one hand, the steel plates cover the entire side of the space where the entrance, the counter, a bar and office area are located, and finally most of the dressing rooms that are located at the back of the store.

On the other hand, the natural veins of the marble tiles draw an original scene in the rest of the project that is reminiscent of a large abstract painting. A metal backbone extends from the ceiling throughout the space, incorporating technical lighting and creating structures that descend and allow garments to be hung. As a neutral background for these and other more integrated exhibition areas, gray concrete has been used, which also covers the floor. Under the same idea of impartiality, black – stained oak wood forms support elements: tables, display stands and shelves that radically cross the space, absorbing the structural pillars of the project.

Photography by Javier Márquez

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