Oct 17, 2018 / Furniture
Classon Table by Ben Kicic

Classon Table is a minimalist table created by Brooklyn-based designer Ben Kicic. Born in Sarajevo and raised in New England, Benjamin Kicic is a furniture and product designer currently based in Brooklyn New York. He started his studio practice in 2013, focusing on design that is functionally minded while still aware of its cultural and visual semiotics. That focus looks to reveal the personalities, quirks and language of everyday objects, through a developed relationship between how material and ways of making affects and subverts form. He creates work with a minimalist aesthetic, while retaining a subtle, playful sense of humor. The project is a table inspired by simple stacking of clean planar forms. Originally made for a private commission, the table is show in Waxed White Oak, and is available in custom sizes and finishes.