Delta is a minimalist furniture collection created by France-based designer Frédéric Saulou. In this new collection, the artist explores the concept of balance and volumetric understanding through two new pieces that raise both technical and symbolic questions. Since 2013, the artist’s work has aimed to restore the nobility of mineral materials from buildings and heritage, in close connection with architecture and its history. This collection plays on the dualities offered by different materials and their architectural uses, reflected in the tension between the colored, dense, and heavy stone and the transparent, thin, and light glass. The artist transforms forgotten architectural elements and scraps of semi-precious materials into works of art, sublimating the weight of stone with the lightness of glass. The bonding, transparent and considerably resistant, allows the stone to be fixed to the glass without revealing any assembly system or hardware. Through this technical enigma, the works question the impact of man on matter and its environment, and the rehabilitation of forms in contemporary architectural space. The subtle combination of materials serves as a symbol of a strong architectural anchoring, showcasing the artist’s mastery of balance.

Photography by Germain Herriau