La Loma Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, designed by Hector Esrawe. Nestled on the western side of Mexico City, this architectural gem boasts a spacious living area, well-appointed kitchen, practical service area, and two bedrooms, each complete with its own private bathroom. The west facade of the apartment offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forest and an unrivaled connection to nature, with sunsets providing a breathtaking backdrop. The renovation project reimagines the original layout of the space, transforming it into a more open and interconnected design. A brass and wood console, merging with one of the existing columns, runs throughout the living area, lending a touch of sophistication and serving as a focal point.

It acts as a functional piece of art, with books, vinyl records, and even a turntable displayed on its shelves. A warm oak wood skin runs the perimeter of the apartment, integrating the central granite bar in the kitchen, and providing ample storage space for essentials such as the refrigerator, pantry, linen closet, and wine cellar. The seamless integration of doors to the service areas creates a visually stunning and tactilely rich atmosphere that extends to the master bedroom. The marble flooring and walls add a touch of sophistication, imbuing the space with a modern and understated elegance. Finally, the guest bathroom is a true masterpiece, with its green quartzite flooring and walls providing a unique stony feeling. A striking sculpture of green Tikal marble serves as the washbasin, designed in collaboration with @ewestudio.

Photography by Fabian Martinez