Nov 23, 2020 / Furniture
New Wave by Lukas Cober

New Wave is a minimalist furniture collection created by Netherlands-based designer Lukas Cober. Through a conversation of raw materiality and distinctive shapes the New Wave collection illustrates the designers tie to the sea and the act of gliding on oceans force. For the collection, woven glass-fibre fabric is chosen for its pure aesthetics. As the standard material on the craft of building surfboards, boats and in aerospace the high tech material is used in an altered utilization to create the collection. The pieces are build up in thickness by hand-layering the glass-fibre layer by layer into desired shapes. After connecting all parts and sanding the material back down for transitioning shapes, the object reveals its layers like a swell hitting the coastline. In an interplay of translucidity and light, the smooth shapes reveal themselves drawn as silhouettes against the surface.