Nov 23, 2020 / Interiors
Work & Co Office by Aspekt Office

Work & Co Office is a minimalist office space located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Aspekt Office. Aspekt Office has designed Work & Co’s new Copenhagen office as a place where employees can collaborate and where the local ambience shines through. A material palette that highlights oak wood, soothing neutrals and soft textiles produces a distinctly calm and understated ambience throughout the premises. Transparent walls and an overall airy spatial design promote an open environment and sense of community, supporting Work & Co’s core values of being hands-on designers and developers. At the same time, in the current environment, the spaciousness allows for social distancing when needed.

The new office space is housed in a century-old building situated in the Danish capital’s historic city center. Originally designed by the Danish Architect Arthur Wittmaack in 1916 as headquarters for the Danish Inner Mission, the ownership was later transferred to the municipality of Copenhagen. Aspekt Office has infused the historical urban architecture with an almost brutalist grid-modernism, using a network of lines to visually frame the interior. Softened by the choice of materials, which brings in warmth and tactility, Aspekt Office’s take on the Scandinavian feel comes together as a rejuvenating blend of clean and comfortable.

All fixed inventory was designed by Aspekt Office and includes a wall-to-wall bookcase with a built-in alcove in oak veneer, a soundproof phone booth offering privacy and room for contemplation, and a six meters long custom-made table that acts as center for communal gatherings in the office’s kitchen. The project also features the very first Reform x Aspekt Office kitchen ever produced.

Photography by Rasmus Dengsø