Nov 22, 2020 / Furniture
Nic’O Bookshelf by Hus

Nic’O Bookshelf is a minimal bookshelf designed by Italy-based studio Hus. Nic’O bookshelf is the key element for the division of the living area in the apartment of Via Crocefisso. It has been conceived in order to make a division between the living room, the kitchen and the entrance of the flat. The bookcase is composed of 15 metal cross-shaped uprights fixed from floor to ceiling and 72 shelves interlocking and interchangeable. It is assembled in a T-shaped plan with the possibility of going around the element through three flexible openings. The material that has been chosen to insulate the kitchen from the other two rooms is a striped glass that conceals the view inside the kitchen but allows light to pass through the other two spaces. Even if the element has been customized for one singular space, it has also been designed with modularity, feature that would allows flexibility and that would make it adaptable to other projects.