PENG-01 is a minimal lounge chair designed by Tokyo-based designer Toshiki Omatsu. By connecting three of these “r” shapes and only supporting the seat surface with the recessed part of the shape, the designer was able to create a chair that appeared unstable and enigmatic. Additionally, by using the backplate as an armrest and gently embracing the user, the designer created a welcoming and comforting piece of furniture. When it came to manufacturing the chair, the designer opted for aluminum, a material with both softness and hardness. Typically, chairs made from aluminum with a thickness of less than 3mm can pose distortion problems. However, the designer chose to use a 4mm thickness for added stability. During the design process, the designer experienced structural anxiety due to an open front seat shape. After considering various manufacturing methods, it was found that a 5mm thickness was not only necessary but also made the chair one of the strongest aluminum chairs the designer had created.

Photography by Toshiki Omatsu