DBR—Apartment Renovation is a minimal apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia, designed by JRKVC. The building, a cultural landmark designed by the renowned Viennese architect Ludwig Baumann, experienced a significant overhaul in the 1920s by Czech architect Klement Šilinger. The recent renovation of the apartment adeptly preserved the historical elements of the interiors, requiring only minimal interventions and customary wear maintenance. The layout of the apartment remained fundamentally untouched. The original design was found to be almost entirely compatible with contemporary living needs. The only structural change was the removal of a non-load bearing wall, opening the space for the creation of a central living area. The remaining rooms have been adapted to fulfill new functions, in line with the evolving demands of modern lifestyles. In the refurbished apartment, the aesthetic approach is rooted in respect for the original character of the space. All original interior features, including doors, casings, window sills, wall panels, and baseboards, have been restored and unified through a fresh coat of paint.

This subtly contrasts with the white walls, creating a delicate balance between old and new. The flooring in the living areas is crafted from oak, adding a warm, organic touch to the space. A striking geometric ceramic tile design graces the floor of the central hall, providing a bold counterpoint to the minimal color palette of the walls and ceilings. Similarly, the ceilings in the living area and smaller bedrooms (presumably designed for children) are accentuated with a subtle sheen paint, contrasting with the matte white walls, which can easily be refreshed over time. The bathrooms are a distinct departure from the subtlety of the living areas, boasting more vibrant colors and precise use of small format, glazed tiles. The design also incorporates several built-in furniture pieces, including a kitchen island, integrated refrigerator, and wardrobe closet built into the space of the original doors, which are no longer in use. Additionally, the bedroom features a bed with a partition separating the wardrobe assembly, among other built-in furniture elements.

Photography by Peter Jurkovič