YUN Pangyo is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by BY SEOG BE SEOG. YUN Pangyo has two sides running together symmetrically in parallel. The scene consists of the two facades running the length like a long rectangle in simple design. While some may feel that there are many advantages to be gained from exposure to the large area, the studio believes that there are more drawbacks than advantages in the sound demonstration of the brand story and operational directions due to the dispersal of movement and attention. It was one of the other missions that the architects encountered to overcome this drawback in terms of the construction of space. Another clue to the effective resolution of design was “naturalness.” The space was always accompanied with bright lights and gaudy materials in the background. However, it is rare that the spectacles alone, or the wearer of the spectacles, are placed in this kind of illumination or environment. As such, the architects believed that the glasses must be presented in a natural way and conform to everyday life. The momentary brilliance of the product can hinder the continuity of the brand.

Photography by Donggyu Kim