Mar 23, 2023 / Architecture
House in Minami-Senri by Fujiwara-Muro Architects

House in Minami-Senri is a minimal home located in Suita, Japan, designed by Fujiwara-Muro Architects. Nestled in the serene Hokusetsu district of Osaka lies a remarkable abode, masterfully designed to blend traditional Japanese elements with contemporary architecture. Situated on a narrow, elongated plot featuring varying ground levels, this home is the brainchild of an esteemed Japanese chef who sought to incorporate traditional finishing materials throughout the property. The architect’s ingenious use of the site’s distinctive topography creates a tapestry of unique perspectives and dynamic, spacious areas. Visitors are greeted by a charming stepping-stone pathway, flanked by lush plantings, which ascends to an ethereal entrance that seems to float above the ground.

Capitalizing on the 1.5-meter setback mandated by local building regulations, the designer has skillfully crafted a slender garden strip that visually expands the home’s living, dining, and kitchen areas on the first floor. The sunken living room, an inviting space for entertaining, features a bench that overlooks the verdant garden extending beneath the home’s distinctive bridge. Eliciting a sense of intrigue, the garden’s design evokes the imagery of a meandering stream, drawing the eye toward a distant, unseen destination. Separating the living room from the more intimate kitchen and dining area are two quaint courtyards, further enhancing the home’s connection to nature. An elevated corridor, reminiscent of a traditional garden path, spans the garden and offers captivating views of both the greenery below and the sky above. This elegant passageway ushers residents to their private quarters on the second floor, while the trio of gardens imbues the residence with a sense of depth and spaciousness that belies its compact footprint.

Photography by Yoshikawa Naoki