Kasina is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by unseenbird. Vibration stainless steel is used as a furniture finish so that it can be used for a long time without any problems even if scratches occur in an environment where products are frequently changed. In addition, the details were made in a prefabricated manner in consideration of movement during the event. The main feature of the furniture is a shelf inclined at 15˚. The location of shoes we see on the streets of our daily lives is under our feet. Looking down at the shoes from above. From this point of view, the shelves are tilted so that the display of shoes is also viewed from above. The pillars along the wall were designed so that products could be placed according to their purpose. Depending on the brand product group, a hanger or shelf can be detachably configured in the column groove. The large media in the front of the store gives an overwhelming feeling. To give a dramatic sense of space, a mezzanine was formed at the entrance of the store. As people entered, they passed a low ceiling and suddenly met a high ceiling. The mezzanine is used as the main space for events. The huge pillar along the stairs going up to the middle floor is the fitting room. The fitting room is decorated in a very splendid way. When you open the door, there is a curved LED color conversion barisol wall, and the light is projected on the water metal on the ceiling, causing the ceiling to shake.

Photography by Hyeong Jun Kim