Kjerringholmen is a minimal home located in Skjærhalden, Norway, designed by Line Solgaard Arkitekter. In the rugged landscape of Kjerringholmen, a new architectural delight has emerged, masterfully positioned to take advantage of the commanding southern views towards the Løperen fjord and the Ytre Hvaler National Parks. Cleverly crafted with materials and forms inspired by its immediate surroundings, the cabin is a harmonious blend of natural elements, mimicking the rocky terrain and local vegetation. Elevated on stilts, the cabin respects the integrity of its landscape. It aims to coexist with its environment rather than dominate it, effectively minimizing the disruption to the natural ecosystem and reducing the structural footprint. This approach subtly extends the indoor space outwards, fostering a deep connection between the cabin and the untouched landscape it inhabits. Constructed primarily of wood, the cabin is a testament to the virtues of simplicity and efficiency. Its compact dimensions encapsulate a meticulously planned interior that offers both functionality and comfort.

Photography by Einar Aslaksen