Japanese Contemporary Light is a minimal lighting collection created by Tokyo-based Time & Style. Lighting has been an essential part of the traditional Japanese lifestyle, influencing the daily activities of people and creating a unique atmosphere in the living spaces. In the past, lanterns with exposed wicks were used to light up the nights in Japan, and as technology advanced, light sources and fixtures changed dramatically. However, the charm of traditional lanterns such as Andon, made of washi paper and advanced wood craftsmanship, still holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese.

The Andon collection recreates the unique atmosphere of Japanese spaces, using authentic materials and following traditional manufacturing processes. The use of washi paper for the hibukuro adds a luminous quality to the soft light, while the wooden slats bring beauty to the many delicate details. The Botan no Hana collection is a fresh take on traditional bombori lighting, featuring a cedar frame and hand-made Mino washi paper. The thin frame adds a modern essence to the design, while maintaining the traditional arc shape and assembly methods.

The Kiku no Hana floor stand is a new addition to the Botan no Hana collection, featuring cylindrical supports in the same design as the bombori shade. The warm incandescent bulb creates a beautiful transition of color tones, adding a new dimension to the traditional bombori style. Chochin lanterns have been produced in the Gifu area for over 300 years, using high-quality bamboo and excellent washi paper from Mino. The Chochin collection features a cylindrical mold and thin strips, creating a classic look while maintaining the traditional craftsmanship.

These lighting collections bring together traditional Japanese culture and modern design, creating a unique atmosphere that is both timeless and contemporary. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that the true essence of light is captured and brought into modern living spaces.