N Residence is a minimal house located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Radius Interior Design. The client, a solitary dweller with a penchant for the minimalist aesthetic, perceives a home as more than a repository for everyday possessions and personal interests. To them, it represents a tranquil haven for both physical and mental respite. The project at hand deals with the revitalization of a quaint 22-ping abode. Answering the client’s call for a pared-down existence, the design team daringly deviated from the conventional adjacency of the kitchen and the rear balcony. Instead, they introduced a strategically configured bathroom. Deceptively open in design, this compact space ensures utmost seclusion while providing distinct zones for hand-washing, toilet usage, and showering, with the added benefit of natural illumination. The interior layout is manipulated to enhance the perception of space. By positioning the bathroom partition walls slightly inwards, the visual expanse of the living area is increased. It simultaneously accommodates a modern, island-style kitchen – a concession to the homeowner’s preference for adaptability in use. Both the main and guest bedrooms are carefully designed with modestly inset walls to form a lengthy passageway. Flanked by entrances on either side, the corridor culminates in a curated display area, adding an aesthetic appeal to this functional space.

Photography by Hsu Yung Lun