W223 Pawson is a minimal light created by London-based designer John Pawson for Wästberg. John Pawson’s design combines curved and rectilinear elements to create a quietly monumental volume. Notched cutouts in the form contribute detail to the lamp’s distinctive profile, while also serving the functional purpose of shaping the way the light is cast and creating an entry point for the cable. Each version explores a contrasting interaction of material and light – the lambent potential of marble and the reflective quality of aluminum. The solid white marble used in the stone version comes from no other than Marsotto, an exclusive Italian manufacturer renowned among architects and designers for its avant – garde technology, profound know – how and sterling materials. With its weight and beauty, w223 Pawson is in itself a stunning piece; once turned on, the light further enhances the white marble’s intrinsic luminosity. A nod to Pawson’s oil lamp Holocene No.4, the metal version of w223 Pawson features a striking, ultra – matte exterior and a hollow, highshine interior, for a fascinating play between shadows and reflections. To create a smooth body without joints, the aluminum has been expertly extruded and welded to a seamless whole.

Photography by Gilbert McCarragher