Jan 16, 2023 / Architecture
Spyon Cop by Brown & Brown

Spyon Cop is a minimal house located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, designed by Brown & Brown. A modern, understated retreat has been designed to sit quietly within the landscape at the Eastern edge of the Cairngorms National Park, in Aberdeenshire. The house, made of timber and glass, is a perfect place for stepping away from the everyday and relaxing with a glass of something warming by the crackling fire, with a backdrop of magnificent mountains beyond. Externally, the building is formed of a skin of blackened timber, glass, and corten steel, which have been carefully selected to endure the harsh climate of the hillside, as well as being robust enough to withstand the rural life.

A wild grass roof has also been installed, which helps to cocoon the structure into the landscape. Internally, the space is simple, with a large social area and double height ceiling, around which a series of smaller spaces are oriented to form the bedrooms. The materials palette used throughout is modest and reductive, ensuring that the spaces are quiet, considered, and of the quality demanded by such a fantastic location. The result is an understated piece of contemporary architecture that sits comfortably in this setting of outstanding natural beauty.

Photography by Dapple Photography