Jan 17, 2023 / Interiors
Waterfront Apartment by BETWEEN DESIGN

Waterfront Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Wuxi, China, designed by BETWEEN DESIGN. This waterfront apartment in Jiangyin Bund boasts panoramic views of the cross-river highway bridge and is surrounded by natural landmarks such as Goose Nose Hill, Junshan, Chunshen, and Jiangdike. The project’s goal is to utilize the window as a medium and break away from traditional house patterns by eliminating boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. The design caters to a family of four, with a focus on improving the quality of the master bedroom suite and incorporating open spaces for flexibility. The layout prioritizes function over division of public and private areas, and includes a fitness area, piano room, and even a children’s stargazing base.

The design employs a restrained and balanced aesthetic, using quiet spaces, linear and geometric structures, and wooden floors to define public and private areas. The entrance features an east-west corridor and hidden storage, while wide-width hanging rail glass door films are used to blur spatial boundaries and enhance the sense of field space. The lighting design is soft and simple, with an emphasis on balance and neatness, and hidden light sources that bring a soothing and delicate artistic touch. The design aims to create a space that encourages dialogue and close interaction among homeowners and their families, allowing them to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of being surrounded by nature.

Photography by WM STUDIO