Sep 16, 2020 / Interiors
TERRA by New Works

TERRA is a minimalist space located in Copenhagen, Denmark, by New Works, designed in collaboration with Lotta Agaton Interiors. Within a year that has been anything but normal, creating environments in which to rejuvenate and re-evaluate has never been more important. Spaces that enable both escape and connection – that provide solace yet socially stimulate. What has become most evident is the value that human interactions and our natural landscapes play within our daily lives.

It is with these connections and relationships in mind that New Works presents TERRA – A Residence for Grounding. With a hint of chill in the air and the colours and textures of autumn around the corner, New Works presents a grounded environment for living during 3 Days of Design 2020. Designed alongside our long-term collaborator Lotta Agaton Interiors, our enveloping Copenhagen space reflects the muted tones and warm textures of the months ahead, whilst creating a space of tranquility within Copenhagens bustling center.

Soft hues of dusty olive and calming grey meet natural oak, textured wool and rippled glass to communicate a lifestyle that harmoniously connects people, objects and the environment. From the depths of nature to the open expanses of the landscape, TERRA encapsulates emotions of both safety and freedom in spaces that provide the base for our lives; from the bedroom to the kitchen, living room to the study.

Across an expanded space we have combined our objects for living with textures, colours and forms that will stimulate body and mind. The New Works collection of furniture, lighting and objects is presented within these environments as a reflection of their materiality and tactility. A residence that re-interprets natures tones and textures, bringing them into our personal lives.

Presented in collaboration with iconic Swedish bed makers Hästens, our Copenhagen abode presents our collection within every context of contemporary living. Share a seat in our study, a coffee in our dining room, or lie back in our living room. During 3 Days of Design, New Works invites you to experience our world: grounded in honest materials, natural textures and sculptural forms.

Photography by Brian Buchard