Jun 10, 2021 / Interiors
TOE by Nils Van der Celen

TOE is a minimal renovation located in Beerse, Belgium, designed by Nils Van der Celen. The client’s wish was to not only design a new kitchen, but create a cozier space to spend time with the family. In this project, the studio created a new central volume clad in light oak wood veneer. This volume connects the dining area with the kitchen and a small office space into one whole and at the same time hides the existing storage room. They designed a practical kitchen for everyday use in white lacquer with a seamless solid surface worktop. To achieve the intended cozy atmosphere, the studio applied walls in mortex and a warm subtle color palette. They also integrated a steel breakfast/coffee alcove and aperitif corner into the design. By working with a subtle rounding in the worktop and an oval custom-made dining table, the circulation in the spaces is extremely pleasant.

Photography by Tijs Vervecken