Triplex Villa is a minimal home located in Hunan, China, designed by Jingyu Space Research Laboratory. One of the key challenges of this project was to effectively utilize the limited space of less than 60 square meters to accommodate the various needs and desired improvements of the homeowners. The male homeowner preferred a transparent and comfortable space, while the female homeowner placed a greater emphasis on living details and desired a more simple and refined, yet not rigid, style. She believed that details greatly impacted the quality of life and saw the home as a place for serious, daily living rather than just a destination. The final design was subtle, relaxed, and warm, with a focus on creating a comfortable, leisurely space that allowed for independent growth for children and family members. The materials used included high-quality logs and furniture, resulting in a textured and timeless home. To accommodate the homeowners’ living habits, the design included a central island and a long table, creating a homely atmosphere in the space. When aesthetics, practicality, and adaptability were successfully integrated, the result was a leisurely, comfortable space.