Warm House is a minimalist residence located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by LE J Design Studio. The architects embarked on this project with a vision to embody the familial warmth and the natural light that bathes the interiors, aiming to craft a design that resonates with these elements. Responding to the client’s unique request, the design incorporates softened corners throughout the complex to ensure the safety of children. The design philosophy emphasizes the interplay of light and time, creating a living space that changes with the seasons and the time of day, offering a dynamic experience of light and shadow. This approach not only brings a sense of modernity and opulence to the space but also adheres to minimalist principles, ensuring an organized and functional living environment.

In the redesign of the entrance, the architects chose to enhance the existing structure to make it more welcoming. The addition of a main door and a full-length mirror, coupled with indirect lighting, sets a sophisticated tone. A neatly designed shoe rack complements this area, ensuring a tidy and inviting first impression. The living room benefits from the infusion of natural light, enhancing the minimalist decor. Rounded corners are a deliberate choice to soften the interior design, reflecting a thoughtful consideration for both aesthetics and safety. The kitchen, a hub of functionality and design, balances the need for modern appliances and storage without compromising on style.

A central island, accentuated with large ceramic tiles, stands as a focal point, inviting warmth and interaction. The master bedroom and adjoining dressing room exemplify smart space utilization. By annexing a portion of the child’s room, the architects expanded the dressing area, optimizing the use of space without sacrificing comfort or style. For the child’s room, the design is flexible, allowing for adaptations as the child grows. A window seat not only provides additional storage but also creates a cozy nook for reading and play. In the bathroom, the design focuses on creating a serene and stable environment. The use of linear aesthetics adds to the sense of calm, making it a retreat within the home.